Monday, October 5, 2015

Things to be aware of when writing an essay

• Writing essays means checking. Using this genre, the author checks what he thinks, and manifests it in an informal manner, making it almost like a written conversation between himself and the reader, with the complicity of pen and paper.
• The essay is an open construction, and it’s known for being supported by the author’s point of view; it implies a responsibility to expose their own ideas and opinions, backing them with the compromise of their personal signature.
• It’s a subjective genre, and can even be partial. Usually, the author’s purpose is to persuade the reader of his particular views.
• It’s a free form and rebels against all rules. It makes space for doubts, commentary and even anecdotes and experiences of whoever is writing it.
• In the essay, the author is not trying to exhaust the subject, but rather to expose his thoughts. It’s a reflection.
• The author writes about something familiar to him, something that’s already part of him.
• The essay encompasses all of these alternatives, but also demands rigor. 


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