Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exercises for reading comprehension: three steps for 50% more efficiency in a week

In this article, I will explain what you need to do to increase your reading comprehension by 50% in just a week, so that you can study for your exams or read your books of interest taking full advantage of the time you have available.
Once and for all, you will eliminate the frustration you used to experience when the day of the exam came, and you felt that you don’t remember anything.

Scientific studies have shown that if you do something regularly, your brain will include those things in your subconscious, which will allow you to create a reading habit. By practicing things constantly, you will see that, with each passing day, you will do them better and better. This is totally true. It worked for me, and it might as well work with you.
I started by asking one of my literature teachers for a piece of advice, and here is what she told me: “If you want to learn how to study and understand what you are reading, you need to get your brain used to the process of studying”.

! Every day, you will dedicate half an hour to reading, and once you finish the daily half-hour, you will write a personal commentary, using your own words, about what you have read. Write no more than five lines. This will exercise your brain even more, and will force it to remember what you read, and then transpose in onto a sheet of paper.
! Then, formulate a conclusion based on the things you already knew about that topic and write it down. Make the connection between what you read and your personal experiences, and see how relevant the text that you read is. Write your opinion about it. This step is essential for a real understanding of the text. So far, your brain has worked three times as much as usual.
! Remember that the brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, it requires exercising to keep it from atrophying. The steps above are the ideal activities for exercising your brain and slowly acquiring a better reading comprehension.