Saturday, October 3, 2015

Reading and writing in an University level

The research, stimulation, promotion and mediation activities on reading and writing, have gained great importance in the national and international university contexts, thanks to the agreement of the academic communities about the essential role that the meaning building processes play in the development of knowledge, in academic life and in the integral formation of the students. Likewise, the constant transformation of the social and discursive practices on societies, leads the universities to face new challenges in the academic and professional life, especially in the reading and writing of diverse text types that evolve within the different fields of knowledge.

Another element relevant to this educational proposal is the inquiry within the research communities in the Colombian universities about: How to guide the reading and writing processes in the Higher Education? What should be taught? What kind of skills should be strengthened? What are the appropriate methodologies? How to offer the courses?

These questions have put into evidence the complexity and the need to start a permanent research and action process on reading and writing, from within the teaching and learning practices, which implies a laborious and committed work. It is important to note that the Universities have been aware of the questions mentioned, which don’t lead, necessarily, to unique and definitive answers.


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