Saturday, October 3, 2015


  • §  Address any visual problem that might appear.
  • §  Choose a properly lit place where to read.
  • §  Sit properly but comfortably while reading.
  • §  Hold the book at around 30 to 40 cm (11 to 16 inches) from your eyes.
  • §  When reading silently, don’t move your lips and don’t repeat the words in your mind.
  • §  Don’t move your head side to side.
  • §  Don’t follow the line with your finger or another object – they won’t help, they’ll just distract you.
  • §  Move your eyes from one group of words to another, not from word to word, and don’t repeat lines.
  • §  Try to understand what you read, as this stimulates permanent learning.
  • §  Make the connection between the topic you are studying and other lessons.
  • §  Practice what you have learnt (overlearning).
  • §  Try to find applications for what you have learnt; abstract as the topic might be, it can prove useful in everyday problems.
  • §  Think about the text and ask yourself questions in regard to it; it’s unacceptable to simply agree to everything the author says.
  • §  Draw the right conclusions.