Saturday, October 10, 2015

Essays’ characteristics

Free structure
•Synthetic and relatively brief
•A variety of themes
•Careful and elegant style
•Diverse tones, corresponding to the way in which the author sees and interprets the world.
•The tone can be deep, poetic and didactic, satirical, etc. There’s amenity in the exposition, which stands out above its systematic rigor.

It’s classified by: Personal character essays, where the writer talks about himself and gives his opinions about events, using a light and natural style. Another, more ambitious or extensive and with formal character or closer to scientific work, but always taking interest in the author’s point of view.
True essayists have to have perfect control of the subject, and a nice dose of general culture in order expand upon an artistic subject, and they need to have musical motivation expressed through rich and varied tonal relationships. The essay is a brilliant game in the world of ideas.