Saturday, October 3, 2015


Reading and writing have had, in the last decades, an important development on research from fields such as linguistics, semiotics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, literature, philosophy, pedagogy and education, among others. This has made possible the emergence of new theoretical and methodological perspectives that suggest the importance of effectuating changes in their understanding and practice, and in the way they are addressed in the teaching and learning processes, on the different educational levels.

In the Higher Education level, specifically, the encouragement of reading and writing skills is gaining ground due to the essential relations that these have with the academic success or failure and the connection it has with the institutional and State policies of quality assurance.

On this sense, the Linguistics, Speech Therapy, Spanish and Literature, Education and Pedagogy and Intercultural Studies Departments, present to the university community a proposal titled “GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR THE READING AND WRITING COURSE”, with the purpose of being developed within the policy framework of Integral Social and Human Training (FISH), on the line of Society, Art, Language and Culture in the various Undergraduate programs in the University of Cauca, following the institutional requirements stated on the Agreement nr. 1 on the 30th of January 2007.

The purposes behind this proposal are: to recognize reading and writing as complex processes that are essential for the university education; to transform the ideas and practices on reading and writing; to develop abilities for reading and writing in the university; to contribute to the processes and practices of research training through Reading and writing.